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•  food & wine items included     

•  reservations required

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This full-day custom excursion departs from Lisbon and heads east, deep into the Alentejo region, known as the the “Breadbasket of Portugal”. Here the scenery changes to cork orchards offering shade to flocks of sheep meandering across the gently undulating hills of wheat and vineyards, with moorish castles and rustic farm house perched on hilltops.

Alentejo wines are strikingly different from their more famous northern cousins around the Douro River which are famous for Ports and influences from Bordeaux and Burgundy. The wines of the Alentejo taste more sun ripe, full-bodied with hints of exotic dried fruits, aromatics and jams. This is the least populated of Portugal’s regions with a good number of small to medium sized Quintas, (Estates) in semi-arid micro climates, and clay soils that rely on agricultural and production methods like foot pressing the grapes and midnight harvesting which date back to ancient times.

Our fist stop discovers an 18th century Quinta complete with its own chapel, gardens and works of art where a father and son are engaged in a friendly, and sometimes tenuous competition to out-do each other in a battle of old world vs. new world. Their relationship seems almost emblematic of the transformations happening in Alentejo wines. After the tour we will gather in their rustic farm house for a tasting with authentic local Petiscos and Enchidos, (savory Portuguese meats and tapas) including the famous Porco Preto, all prepared by the Donna da Casa, (Mother of the house). This intimate family setting will bring us a deeper understanding of the people and flavors of the Alentejo.

Our second stop is a larger family-owned and operated vineyard. Today it’s one of Portugal's top wine and olive oil producers. The winemaker comes from a family with a long history of wine production, and he obtained a degree in agronomy from the Institute of Agronomy in Lisbon. After a period of training at the National Viticulture Studies Centre in Dois Portos, in 1980 he began making his first Alentejo region wines. After a short tour of their winery we enjoy sampling their wines in the rustic tasting room. Local Alentejano "petiscos" (tapas) will be prepared using local farm fresh ingredients which complement the wines.

Before heading back to Lisbon there is an essential stop in historic Évora, the regions capital. A well-preserved historic village and UNESCO World Heritage Site that is enclosed in medieval walls, with a standing Roman Temple, Aqueduct and the macabre Chapel of the Bones. There is also a wealth of Gothic-Renaissance architecture that is best admired in Praça do Geraldo, (Giraldo Square) where locals gather to see and bee seen over pastries and drinks.

This excursion is all inclusive:

     1 luxury vehicle with heat, A/C and cargo space

     1 driver

     1 guide

     10 wines

     2 vineyards

     Family style, homemade "petiscos" (tapas)

     Local Petiscos and Enchidos

     Historical tour of Évora

     A full itinerary description with vineyards are provided on tour confirmation

price starts at €719  total

•  8-hour driving and walking private tour

•  10 wines, 2 vineyards

•  gourmet lunch of local petiscos and enchidos



80% level ground with few upstairs and inclines. 20% in vehicle. No elevators. Cobblestones and unpaved paths on tour route. Must be able to walk at casual pace for at least 1-hour without resting.



Wear comfortable athletic shoes. Bring windbreakers or umbrellas.

There are stops for clean restrooms, and food & beverage breaks if needed.



Hotel, apartment, or ship dock.

Meetings at hotels or apartments located outside of Lisbon can effect tour price because of fuel and time expenses.


         START TIMES

7-days a week, year round.

Morning: 9:00am, 9:30am, or 10:00am

Custom start times subject to guide availability.


            TICKET FEES

Entry fees vary by season and age, but general prices are:

€5 Chapel of the Bones



Ticket fees are additional, €4 pp

Lunch, but the foodstuffs served during the tasting easily replace lunch cravings.

Audio headsets when required in palaces for parties of 20 or more. Price €3.00 per person.

Our private tours outside of historic Lisbon require the use of sedans, vans or buses. We use only luxury vehicles with licensed and insured drivers who will stay with our guests personal items at all times.


The winemakers can often ship wines which are purchased at their estates. This can be discussed with each estate, and is subject to restrictions and limits the estate may encounter.


Lunch & wine at a vineyard.

Tour guide with excellent language abilities.

Round-trip transfer in a luxury vehicle with a dedicated driver.

All planned food & wine items.

VAT tax.

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