Edward VII Park: View of Lisbon and Tejo River with mysterious pillars and altar.

Marques de Pombal: Monument to fierce anti-Jesuit, minister of enlightenment. Avenida da Liberdade: Grand Avenue with monuments to Free Masons.

Foz Palace: Masonic symbols in a web of intrigue, paranoia and mercenaries.

Restauradores: Conspirators, spies coups, and an Obelisk with hidden messages.

Rossio Train Station: Meanings in obscure stone decorations and a secret tunnel.

Independence Palace: Where conspirators restored Portugal's monarchy.

Rossio Square: Allegorical symbols for one-world, a secret handshake, a Masonic king, and the cult of Zeus in a city of the dead.

Cafe Nicola: Where Bocage wrote under the Pseudonym "Lucrecio" and met at gunpoint.

Rua Augusta: Esoteric streets of Gold, Silver and a Phoenix rising from ashes.

Commerce Square: Occult architecture, philosophers stone, and 5th Empire Prophecy.

Garcia Mansion: Richly decorated outside with occult symbolism ironwork and azulejos.

Cerveja da Trinidade: The oldest beer hall of Portugal full of mysterious tiled panels.

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Our tours outside of historic centers require the use of sedans, vans or buses. We use only luxury vehicles with licensed and insured drivers who can stay with our guest’s personal items at all times.



• Tiered pricing at a flat fee

• Customizable

• Meets where you like

• Luxury vehicles and drivers

• Multi-lingual guides

• Flexible cancellation policy


starting at €160 total, not per person

•  3-hour private walking tour     

•  children 12 years and under are free     

•  skip ticket lines and go inside the monuments

•  reservations required

lisbon’s monuments reveal legends, lies and cherished myths

What lies in shadows of the the City of Light? In this well-researched, but unofficial historical excursion through major sights we uncover clues into Portugal’s untold history which have effected major events around the world.

There is controversy and scandal at every turn as our specialist, guide reveals symbols of the Occult and statues relating to Secret Societies hidden in plain sight. Lisbon’s architecture and city design holds many secrets. Unlike other capitol cities Lisbon’s Freemason, and occult  symbols are related to a 5th Empire prophecies which are unfolding today.

Conspiracies and corruption around Kings, Dictators and Popes throughout history are brought to life with true stories of legendary spies, secret agents and subversives at different locations around the city. Discover how the 18th century Marquis de Pombal’s obsession with “iluminismo” fueled an anti-Jesuit campaign that led to gruesome executions of men, women and children. See how a deck of Tarot cards and Solomon’s Temple disguised lay with in the largest open spaces of the city center.

We untangle the web of famous spies like Double Agent “Garbo” and Agent “Onyx” stationed in Lisbon during World War II, and Portugal’s precarious Tungsten trade with the Nazi’s. Learn how the covert activities of The Knights Templar, Free Masons, CIA and KGB have played-out over the centuries in Cloak & Dagger stories that have left their indelible mark on the city’s monuments and in Portuguese history.

major highlights


January 1

December 25 and 31

We are happy to offer this tour on Sundays, but please be aware of museum  closures on Sundays.

start and end points

Starting at:

Edward VII Park

Ending at:

Rossio Square

important details

Visits to the Masonic Museum of Lisbon can be arranged directly through the museum and subject to their availability.

It is considered as one of the best of its kind in Europe. The Museum is full of interesting artifacts and esoteric art relating to the Scottish and French Rites of this controversial secret society.



Hotel, apartment, ship dock, or at an easy-to-find location in historic center. A map and photo of exact meeting point is sent with tour confirmation. Hotel or apartment meetings subject to time and location.


         START TIMES

7-days a week, year round.

Morning: 9:00am, or 9:30am

Afternoon: 2:00pm, or 3:00pm

Some closures on Sundays.

Custom start times subject to guide availability.



Skip the ticket lines with an official, knowledgeable guide.

Authorization to enter sights.

Audio system for larger parties.

VAT tax.



Wear comfortable athletic shoes.

There are stops for clean restrooms, and food & beverage breaks if needed.



We access traffic restricted areas with steps and ramps. It is not possible to do this tour route with a vehicle.

You can add a private luxury vehicle for commuting to and from the historic center.

why walk In lisbon?

Because that’s what locals do. Portuguese are among Europe’s biggest walkers! A Eurobarometer survey published in 2014 revealed that Portugal is among the countries where making daily routine trips by foot is most common. To really know Lisbon one must go into those small maze-like streets of the city’s old quarters, where automobiles are limited and real life unfolds in pedestrian friendly streets and squares.


            TICKET FEES

There are no entry fees on this walking tour.



2 km, (1.24 miles), 98% down hills and stairs. A few upstairs and inclines. Uneven cobblestones on tour route. Not safe for those with walking sticks, canes or unable to walk for 1-hour without resting.



No Ticket fees on this tour.

Transfer to and from hotels outside of historic center.

Sundays: Museums are closed.

Parties of 4 or more require taxi, or transfer uphill from historic center to old quarters.