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do you offer group tours mixed with other travelers?
At this time we only provide "private" tours. The word "private" means there will be no others on your "private" tour except for your party. Our Jewish Lisbon tour is offered as a Private, or Semi-Private tour, (guests are able to share their tour with others upon request).
what are the prices for your tours?
The starting prices for each tour are listed on the top of each Tour Description page of our website. The starting prices are usually for 1 to 2, or 3 guests. For an exact price quote there are variables that we need to know in advance to avoid any surprise charges during your tour. For example, details that could effect the price of your tour would be the number of adults, students and children, or the location of your hotel. Other services such as transfers, and amenities like wheelchairs, child-seats, and audio systems could possibly effect tour prices. To better help us get a feel for your location, requirements and interests, we suggest completing the easy Reservation Request Form, by clicking on the large red button on the top right side of each Tour Description page on our website, where it reads: "Click Here To Request Private Tour Price".
do I need to pre-pay for my tour reservation?
Yes, a deposit is required because our highly requested guides are limited in numbers and availability. We are often sold out of guides in advance. We need to know which guests are seriously committed to taking a tour. Deposit amounts vary by tour, but are usually around 25% of the total tour price. We prefer to avoid the embarrassing situation of not having enough available guides because of unannounced drop-in guests. A deposit pre-payment online is the best way to guarantee a private guide is available when you arrive. If a tour is sold out, we will put your contact information on our Standby List incase there is a last minute availability. We send the information about how to easily make a deposit after guests have competed the easy Reservation Request Form, by clicking on the large red button on the top right side of each Tour Description page on our website. Please understand that without advanced reservations secured by a deposit we are not able to guarantee available guides.
what is your cancellation and refund policy?
We have a very liberal cancellation policy which is explained in detail on our Terms & Conditions page. You can easily find the link to the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of each page on our website. Basically, we need to know of a cancellation at least 24-hours in advance. For cancellations, we require the courtesy of an immediate phone call, or voice mail, or email to advise us of changes. Cancellations made less than 24-hours before the tour time are non-refundable. No-shows, or cancellations made less than 24-hours before the scheduled tour time are non-refundable.
where is my email reply?
We always reply to email messages and Tour Request Forms within 24-hours or less. If you do not see a reply from us within that time, please check your Spam, Junk Mail, or Trash folders of your email account. Email is not a 100% error free form of communication. If you do not find a reply from us within 24-hours, there has likely been a delivery problem. We suggest that you contact us using a different email address, or call us on one of our phone numbers for a quick response. Please be aware that we cannot confirm tour reservations, or collect payments by credit card over the phone. All tour reservations must be processed and confirmed in writing by email.
to tip, or not to tip?
Tipping your Lisbon Explorer guide is not expected. However, if you have a remarkable time and feel like you have received excellent service, our scholars are delighted to receive your expression of gratitude in any form. Many guests will often provide a tip between 10% and 20%.
how difficult are the walking parts of the tours and how are they rated?
Most of our tours are easy downhill walking routes, but for locations outside of Lisbon we use luxury vehicles equipped with modern safety features and conveniences like heat and air conditioning. All of our tours are rated easy to moderate when it comes to walking, and we move at a leisurely pace with a lot of insider information along the way. We are careful to avoid major uphill routes, but there are a few inclines and stairs along the way of most tours. It’s easy for everyone to keep up and there are several stopping points along the way to take in amazing views or restrooms when needed. Relax, we like to use our historic trolleys, taxis and outdoor lifts for really steep hills. We’ve had guests with recent hip replacements and knee surgeries enjoy our walks with no major discomfort. Please consult your physician If you have more questions about the suitability of our walks for a specific a medical condition. For visitors with wheelchairs, please contact us about which tours will work best, because many of the historic monuments of Portugal are not yet access friendly. How our walking rating works: Easy = No problems for children, strollers (prams) and adults with few, or no obstacles. Moderate = A few stairs and inclines, not suitable for guests who require walking assistance.
how long are the tours?
Many travelers hear about our tours advertised as 3-hours, but lasting for 4-hours. The scholars who lead our tours are dynamic and passionate about Portugal’s history, and they like to tailor each tour to the energy and interests of your party. We want you to know that your time with us in Lisbon will be authentic and inspiring. We do not offer “template tours.” which are cookie cut for a one-size fits all. If you desire that kind of generalized experience, we suggest contacting a different tour operator.
who leads the tours?
We are a group of real scholars and certified guides who live and work in Lisbon, not actors, or students on summer break who memorize scripts, and often provide inaccurate responses to in-depth questions. Our guides possess backgrounds in art history, archeology, architecture and the classics with a passion for sharing Portugal’s wonders. The majority of our guides hold MA, or Ph.D. degrees, and some are recognized experts in a specific areas of study. They could be authors, educators and even licensed guides, but they are all chosen for their vibrant and animated presentations, bringing each location into historic and relevant detail with personality. We simply refer to our guides as “scholars" because they are dedicated to a life long pursuit of education and teaching.
does lisbon really have 7 hills?
No, but don’t worry, we will never walk you up one of the dozen or more hills that now encompass the city. There are a lot of myths around Lisbon which locals believe to be true. In 1620, Friar Nicolau de Oliveira seems to have started the myth of 7-hills in his “Book of Lisbon Grandeurs”. In an attempt to parallel Lisbon with Rome he conveniently failed to mention at least two other hills in Lisbon at the time.
do guides make commissions by recommending merchants?
As a matter of fair practice, Lisbon Explorer has a very strict policy of not allowing our guides and scholars to engage in accepting commissions from restaurants and shops. We will never divert our guests into a souvenir shop, or restaurant where they feel obligated to buy something.
transportation around lisbon?
Getting around Lisbon is a breeze! To conquer the hills of Lisbon the city offers many options. Romantic open-air trolley cars are reasonably priced but becoming very crowded. You can pay the trolley, and bus drivers with cash, or drop coins in the ticket box on trams. There is also a very clean and safe underground metro to limited parts of the city. Taxis and Uber cars are faster and often less expensive that public transport. Uber cars can be used even if you have the app from another country. For more info on public transportation discounts, please see the “Local Secrets” page of our website.
can you skip the lines?
Yes! The museums and cultural heritage sights in Lisbon can often see swarms of tourists like other capital European cities. When possible, we buy tickets for our guests in advance if we know there will be lines, or we will have special access as official guides to skip the ticket lines.
how to use my city/ museum discount card?
Many cities offer discount cards for monuments and restaurants, while museums offer discounted entrance fees and reduced rates for children, students and seniors. Because we do not have access to each guest’s discount card in advance when we pre-purchase tickets to skip the lines, we cannot we cannot guarantee those discounts will always be available. We believe the time saved by skipping lines is a better value than the small discount offered by these cards. Whenever it is possible we will do our best to arrange for our guests to use their discount cards. Please ask us in advance about using a discount card on a specific tour.
is crime really a problem in lisbon?
Lisbon is a very safe city and it is rare to hear about robberies involving a weapon. Like most of Europe, pickpockets are the biggest menace, but easily deterred by simply paying attention, and keeping your bag and wallet on your front side at all times.
how affordable is lisbon?
Besides the warm and inviting culture, one of the best parts of visiting Lisbon is how affordable it is for restaurants, lodging and all the major sights. By comparison, in other major cities of Europe a simple cup of coffee can cost close to €5. In Lisbon a coffee is usually around €0.70 cents. Luxury hotels are often half the price of Northern European cities and other services like transport are also affordable.
where is the best place to exchange money once I am in lisbon?
There are money changing shops located in central parts of the city, but your best deal will be at the ATM (Multi Bank) machines which dispense Euros, and do not charge a commission for withdrawing from your home bank account. Before you depart, make sure that your bank has authorized your debit card for international withdraws. Most ATM/ Bank machines in Europe will have a withdraw limit of €200 daily. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to enter a PIN code when using your credit card at a restaurant. This is often required instead of a signature, and you should know your 4-digit credit card PIN before arriving in Lisbon. Many small businesses in Portugal do not accept foreign credit cards, and visitors should be prepard to use cash for these types of purchases.