starting at €286 total, not per person

•  4-hour private driving & walking tour     

•  skip ticket lines     

•  our guides take you inside the monuments

•  reservations required

around alfama


alfama quarter

castelo de S. jorge


and more...

popularity ★★★★★

the west side sights of lisbon and famous pastries

An authorized Portuguese guide will take you the inside Lisbon's most important UNESCO heritage sights. Discover exuberant Neo-Manuline architecture unique to Portugal, with famous tombs, and the stories of explorers, authors and warriors and rebels.

The Belém Tower was built in 1515 as a gateway to Lisbon and as part of a defensive entrance to the Tagus River. Once inside we reveal secrets, mysterious symbols and strange stories on each level of the tower before reaching the views from the terrace.

A short walk away is the is the Discoveries Monument, built in 1960 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Prince Henry the Navigator and the location where Vasco de Gama would have departed from.

Then we visit the magnificent S. Jerónimos Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos), one of the most prominent monuments in Lisbon. Besides containing the tombs of numerous historical figures like Vasco da Gama, Maria of Aragon, Queen Catherine of Hapsburg and poet Luís de Camões, this vast Manueline style structure also contains the national archeological and Maritime museums with world-class exhibitions.

At the end of the tour we skip the line at Lisbon's famous pastry shop "Pastéis de Belém", to have fresh baked custard pastries that are world renowned.


why do we use a dedicated driver and a separate guide?

We provide a luxury modern vehicle with heat and air conditioning, a driver, and an official guide who can take guests inside the monuments of Belem. Unlike budget tour operators, our guides won’t leave you to wander the interior of the vast Monastery on your own with no explanations of what you are seeing. Many budget tours of Belem have the guide double duty as the driver. This is something we would never do, and you will have a dedicated driver for 3 reasons.

illuminated city



secret societies


and more...

sintra half-day


national palace

pena palace

sintra village

and more...

popularity ★★★★★

1. We don't want guests to wait for a guide to find a parking place before they lead guests inside the monuments.

     Parking can be hectic and there are often waits during the high season.

2. We don’t want our licensed and insured drivers to be distracted by conversation. Because Portugal has the highest

     accident fatality ratio per capita in the EU. It is very important that we keep our guests safe on the narrow roads, while

      our guides explain the sights, culture and landscape.

3. The weather conditions in the Atlantic mountains makes a very unpredictable micro-climate. The temps can

     change very quickly with rain, wind, fog, or hail. We like our guests to have the convenience of leaving their unused

     personal items, packs, coats, or umbrellas inside of the vehicle with the driver monitoring it all times. Vehicle

     burglaries are common in the parking lots of monuments in Portugal.

best of belem


jeronimos monastery

belem tower

discoveries monument

and more...


We are happy to make sure guests have an opportunity to taste the famous Pastéis de Belém pastries without waiting in line.


Skip the ticket lines with an official tour guide.

Round-trip transfer in a luxury vehicle with a dedicated driver at all times.

Authorization to enter sights.

VAT tax.



85% level ground, 3% upstairs and incline, 2% in vehicle.

No elevators available.

Some cobblestones on tour route.  Many places to sit along the route.



Wear comfortable athletic shoes. Bring windbreakers or umbrellas.

There are stops for clean restrooms, and food & beverage breaks if needed.



Hotel, apartment, or ship dock.

Meetings at hotels or apartments located outside of Lisbon can effect tour price because of fuel and time expenses.


         START TIMES

Tuesday to Sunday, year round.

Morning: 9:00am, or 9:30am

Afternoon: 2:00pm

Custom start times subject to guide availability.


            TICKET FEES

We skip the ticket lines.

Ticket prices average €16 per person. There are discounts available for Students and Seniors at time of entry.

Child (age 12 and under) Free



Ticket fees are additional.

Food and beverages.

Audio headsets required for parties of 6 or more. Price €1.50 per person.

important details


Beware of budget tours

We use authorized guides, and you will skip ticket lines. Many budget tour operators do not take their guests inside the monuments, because they do not have authorization as guides, and they cannot skip the ticket lines. They will simply park outside and wait while guests wonder the inside the sights on their own.


January 1

Easter Sunday

April 25

May 1

December 25 and 31

major highlights

S. Jerónimos Monastery: Exuberant Portuguese, “Manueline-style” architecture.

Church of Santa Maria: A stunning ceiling, over the tomb of Vasco da Gama and kings.

Belém Tower: A formidable customs house, prison and sea gate to Lisbon.

Discoveries Monument: Departure point to explore and trade with India and the Orient.

Pastéis de Belém: World famous custard tarts warm from the oven...we skip the line.

Much more: Hidden places full of adventure and secrets that we don’t like to advertise.

    same day driving & walking tours outside of historic lisbon